Posted by: doclucky | April 25, 2011

177 show up for Easter Sunrise Service and Lake Swim at Lucky’s.

Easter Sunrise without a cloud in the sky, lake swim, pancake breakfast – It don’t get no better than this!  What an event.  Everyone had a great time.  Nobody went away hungry. Plus, it was Lucky’s first time in the front row pew at an Easter service.

Thanks to Pastor Tom for a great service, and even though Hannah tried to steal the show during the sermon by digging a hole for a better seat near the pulpit, Tom didn’t miss a beat.  Thanks to Geno and Ron for all the setup work and breakfast (and many other volunteers that cooked). Kudos to the lake cane band, Pastor Tom (lead guitar) Stephen Welch (Drums) and John Meisenheimer VII (bass guitar).  Also many thanks to Jacquie and Nancy who are both saints for putting up and supporting  their husbands sometimes out of the box endeavors.

We didn’t count the number that swam after the ceremony, but it was quite a few.  We did have five first timers and two that recieved their 25K caps.  Digger finished his 70th crossing – well on his way to becoming the first canine in the 100K club.

Yes we will be holding the event again next year!



  1. Thank You Doc Lucky, Pastor Tom, Geno, Ron and all the volunteers who made this inspirational event possible. You gave us all a wondeful gift of love.

  2. Lucky what a tremendous beautiful morning God provided 174 souls to hear the message from Pastor Tom.

    The 100 K club stepped up and helped where ever it was needed. Your guest were so appreciative to you and Jackie making your beautiful estate and home available
    to hold the first annual sunrise Easter service.

    Everybody ask what they can do to help, well here is my suggestion: May 13 at 6:00pm we can all meet at the new renovated Aquatica Swim Center on I-Drive, to support you and your new book release IMMUNE! IF YOUR THE DRIVER FILL YOUR CAR UP WITH PEOPLE! LUCKY NEEDS OUR SUPPORT. MAY 13, MAY 13, MAY 13


  3. […] a story about our Easter Sunrise service and Lake Swim! And some pictures from our baptism celebration – sign in to Picasa to […]

  4. Thank you Doc Lucky and Jacquie for making this glorious event a reality. The photographs have captured the joy and wonderment of this Easter. A basketful of ‘thank-yous and hugs’ to Pastor Tom, Nancy, Gene, Ron and all volunteers, swimmers, attendees and contributors, plus the cool band; John, Stephen and Tom!

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