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  1. Hello Lucky,

    I was looking for some information on open water swimming around Daytona Beach thinking about having a vacation there… Found a link to Lucky’s Lake Swim. Read FAQ on your site, saw your videos. I was so inspired with your optimism and good humor that changed my hotel reservation so to have shorter drive to your place. And, I am going to join your swim (now I’m thinking about four mornings from April 19-22). At which time should I arrive at your place during the week days? 6:30AM is it time to arrive or it’s start of the swim?

    Thank you,

    • We look forward to having you join us. The swim start is at 6:30AM Mon-Fri and 7:45AM on Sat. We meet on the dock. Most arrive about 5-10 mins before the swim.

  2. Im a pretty good swimmer & training for my first tri (Danskin in May) Have been swimming in a pool looking for a (safe) lake to swim in–received your email from an Orlando Team In Training Alumni — which Im a part of in Volusia County team. You can go any distance –correct??

    • Yes, You don’t have to swim the entire way. Do what you feel comfortable with. You can do more that one crossing if you desire.

  3. Hi Lucky ~
    thanks for all you do. Any idea when the Beattie lake swim is this year?

    • It will be Sat. June 23rd at 10:30AM

  4. Hey Doc,

    I swim with the masters team on I Drive. I heard about your lake swims. Do you have to pay any money for this? Can anyone join?

    • RE: payment. No fee, the best things in life are free. RE: Can anyone join? No, Swimmers must demonstrate a higher level of sophistication than Lucky to join in our swims. So if you are not a species of flatworms, slugs or sponges you should be fine.

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